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Do you have an inhaler? Cause you’ve got anjss ma
— air
gemini • libra • aquarius
Much like the element, air, these 3 signs have a breezy nature to them. They are known to be intellectual, free thinkers. These signs use their mind to find the solution to things and are able to rationalize any situation. Air signs are also known to be great communicators, talking comes easy to them. They love to socialize, they are often the ones leading most of the conversation. Though they are often calm, cool, and collected their light summer breeze may turn into a toronado if you get them mad enough. Because of their communicative nature, you won't hear the end of it. However, keep an air sign in balance and you'll be sitting on a cloud.

who needs April Fools when ur whole life is a joke

My mind's wide open like starry skies. I ask God questions and wonder why.
This is the real world  And you're only hurting yourself  When you spend every waking moment  With your fingers crossed.
You got a few things bottled up? Jump on a couple bottles like double dutch.
Making friends can be hard for some people and it can be easy for the ones who show self respect. Even now and then, it can be hard for me to make a friend at a brand new school.
Take me as I am or be left alone Tears on the runway, runaway
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