Quotes added on Thursday, April 3 2014

I dream, of me and you, as us. 

I hate it when people pour my cereal.
They don't know how much I want.
They don't know my life.
They don't know what I've been through.


I still love him
but he doesn't 
belive me just because 
i have a boyfriend 

Most days, I'm okay.
Some days, it hurts.
I miss everything;
from the smell of the wood heater
to the sound of my father kicking off his boots.
I miss waking up to my mother's favourite playlist,
falling asleep to the dogs barking.

Most days, I love it here.
Some days, it's too lonely.
I hate everything;
from the eerie quiet on weekends
to disconnect of people on my floor.
I hate the solitude of a studio apartment,
the independence of living alone.

Most days, I'm happy here.
Some days, I just want to go home.

i really don't understand why people insist on lying about who they are - even on site like witty. eventually, you're going to get caught. so, what's the point in lying in the first place? it's pathetic. do you get some sick sense of pleasure from lying to people and from hurting the people who actually believe you. that's messed up.

I'm not living
I just exist in this
& mean
This quote does not exist.
*spins around in chair ominously* I've been expecting y-
 *chair continues to spin*
*tries to stop spinning*
*tries to grab at a lamp or table to stop spinning*
*falls out of chair*
When someone calls their cat the cutest cat in the world,
deep down inside somewhere I get a little twinge of anger because.. no..
my cat is the cutest cat in the world.. fight me.
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