Quotes added on Saturday, April 5 2014

I try my best to be happy for my friends,

but it becomes difficult when jealousy takes over

let you know that the world doesn't revolve around you, buddy. Sure, if I actually cared about what you did,
then you could call me out on 'hating' on you. But just telling you that you've done something wrong or stupid,
or calling you out on crap doesn't mean I'm a hater - it means you need to grow up and learn to be able to take it
without throwing a hissy fit. Oh, and one more thing. Calling me dumb won't make you smarter; calling me ugly
won't make you attractive; dissing my quotes won't improve yours. Peace out, home scout.

I hate to be rude,
but you're really f/cking
annoying please stfu

thank you

i feel like the older i get the more hurt i feel.
the more i think the more i fall
and the sad thing is
i have no one to

catch me

if you're thinking
about drinking
any kind of alcoh/l excessively,
to the point where you're a raging drunk,
please don't.
and if you do,
please don't be near me.
and if you are,
please refrain from speaking.
and if you do,
actually no.
Just don't.


I can only take so much, before I've had enough. 💔
when you see one of your quotes on top quotes and you're like
that should not be a top quote
why is that a top quote
wait like people actually read it
wait like so
oh that's embarrassing
oh god

We're two
of a kind
This quote does not exist.
Where ever you go
you go with
all my
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