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 She said, "I can't live anymore"--- Just before she killed herself.

Happ11tbirthday, Witty!


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I used
to think
that we
were forever,
ever and 

I used
to say
"Never Say

-Taylor Swift
"We are Never Ever Getting Back Together"|Red   


friends are like stars they come and go but the ones that stay are the ones that glow
shake and bake
-talladega nights
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does anyone out there have a betta fish because if so can u leave a comment what kind it is and whats it name i just would like to see what kinds people have
-i have a female crown tail betta named wasabi
-i had a crown tail male named sushi

but you abuse my faith
you lose every time but I don't know where 

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Hands around my waist
and I'm a falling star
glimmelighting up these cotton sheets
I admit I'm a bit of a fool for playing by the rules
         but I've found my sweet escape wheI'alone with you.         




Fiara Grace ♥

Meet my best friend, Fiara. She's amazing, I know her like the back of my hand! She loves snow, but still drinks slushies in the winter. She goes outside all the time, dress up and dream big, loves to watch old Disney movies and pick out all the romantics.She had a dog, Ariana, who she had when she was only 4 months old. She can't sleep without her.
My best friend always has my back and is always a friend to lean on when times are at the hardest. a true friend like Fiara shows her care and friendship towards you when you hit rock bottom. Even though I had embaressing moments { AND I MEAN A LOT! } she always makes me think back and laugh instead of feeling extremely awkward about it!
She's the bestest friend I could ask for.
This girl has always been the most reliable and trustworthy person you could ask for as your bestfriend.
We met in kindergarten, a private school back then. I lost my snack and we shared graham crackers. Who knew that one little snack could change our lives?
Since that day we have always stuck by each other's side. <3
I can count on you, Fiara Grace. :D





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