Quotes added on Monday, April 7 2014

people my age have children, what the hell, i am a children

i may not have my sh*t together, but at least my eyebrow game is on point

i cant let myself sleep because i dont want my thoughts to attack

attractive people: a poem 

you are attractive

how and why

stop being attractive

im going to cry

I dont feel broken but i dont feel whole either.

What's the point anymore?
my weight loss goal: to be able to
feel comfortable enough to go out
in public without wearing a hoodie
because wearing a hoodie in the 
summer is horrible.

wearing a hoodie in 100+ degree
weather has been something I've
been doing for the past 7 years and
I really just want to stop.

I'm so excited for summer <3
So I have this friend who lives on the other side of Ireland to  me and she used to visit every year, but then her mom and my cousin broke up so I haven't seen her since
(about 3 years or more). 
We got back in touch after a while and it turns out we have so much in common. We both love and ride horses so thats a big thing. 
Anyway, we wanted to be able to see eachother again. So I asked my dad and he said he'd take me to see her! Even though it's an 8 hour drive! 
And I'm so excited <3 
We've planned to go on a hack on the beach and around the mountains and it's gonna be the best. 
She's a far better and more experienced rider than me so I'm going to improve my skills as much as I can. I'm a nervous rider so it'll take me a while but I'm goiing to do it for the sake of seeing her and having the best summer with her. <3

Did anyone else notice that when you hold your mouse over the Witty logo at the top left of the screen......? 
This actually happened v
I walked into my house
my Dad punched me
and beaten me up
i was scared
hurt worried
what will he do
Fear is my worst
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