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When you're thinking about how you want your wedding to be when you get married.. Then.. BAM! Reality sinks in and you forgot that you're going to be forever alone lol..
30 DAY CHALLENGE (i will finish this time. Its a goal. Write and delete)
1. 15 facts about you
2. Initials of the person you love
3. Your closest friends
4. The thing you most fear
5. The saddest moment in your life
6. Favorite sport
7. Favorite song
8. Your deepest secret
9. First impression of the guy you like now
10. Last time you cried
11. Thing closest to your heart
12. When you hear this song you cry
13. Place you wanna visit badly
14. Favorite book
15. Favorite animal
16. Favorite show
17. Last time someone hurt you
18. The story behind your life
19. Person who scares you the most

20. Last major injury
21. Favorite youtube video
22. Phone type
23. Biggest confession
24. Last break up
25. Last heart break
26. The day you regret the most
27. First friend
28. Favorite drink
29. A letter to someone in

1. About me:
 - I am 17 years old (actually 2028 years old bc unicorns)
 - I art, write, and sing (in the shower really loudly or as I walk home at night)
 - Kinda shy at first but then I turn out to be childish and outgoing
 - veggies are not my thing haha
 - I love cats, I have a black cat named Matthew. I just got three new kittens that I'm putting up for adoption so they will get homes:)
 - I love bears because bears
 - I'm gonna be a tattoo artist and graphic designer when I'm older
 - I am colorblind and i get teased but its pretty funny
 - I have issues that absolutely no one knows about and would've never guessed if they saw me
 - I love longboarding with a passion
 - I am a cancer survivor :) buuuyaaahhh
 - I am tech crew manager of my theater group 
 - I try to make someone smile everyday
 - I can be goofy and immature and then hardcore responsible when it comes down to it
 - I'm usually the friend that people vent to because I will always listen and I try to help in anyway possible if i can't 
i'll just be there for support.
i'm finally entering that state of mind that everything will be alright even though i lie to myself just to get by at night 
no matter what sh-t we've been through, i will always be there if you need me 
 " Nothing is perfect
           but, everything is beautiful " 

                                                         -SayWeCanFly (Braden Barrie)

This quote does not exist.
It's kind of surprising how
many couples stay together
after all the indirect statuses
they post to facebook that
consists of them b.itching
about their partner.

This quote does not exist.
Problems are like Balloons. We let them unnecessarily blow up.-RVM
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