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I'm at the point in the semester
where if I got hit by a car,
I'd probably thank the kind stranger


Dear teacher,

       Please remember that your are not my only teacher. I have seven different teachers. Therefore, your assignments aren't the only ones I have to do. I have other assignments, too. Please don't pile up a bunch of assignments all on one week. Yes I can finish it if I didn't have any other assignment, but I do. So back off and just me a break.

                                                                            The student hiding behind a pile of HW

all the people around me are
falling in love and i'm just here falling asleep


but you're so whoa and i'm so oh


haha if you're bored you could
just kiss me, idk just sayin


i'm tired 8 days a week

" Those tears in your eyes
                 are the products
                                               of lies... "  

SayWeCanFly (Braden Barrie)

Being a drug addict isn’t nearly as bad as being sober and loving a drug addict. Whether it’s a family member spouse or friend. Nothing will screw up your life as bad as being associated with a drug addict. You can’t save them but they can sure as hell destroy you - and they will.


why are they called palm trees
when they can't even fit in my hand

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