Quotes added on Monday, April 14 2014

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It's all just a repeat repeat repeat
I have been binge watching House on Netflix, as you can see from the background and music on my profile.
then let it be beautiful.
Do you ever feel like not wanting to do anything? Not just be lazy, put comfy clothes on and stay home all day while watching Netflix, but you can't even put up the effort to get up out of bed. I feel like this alot.
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This quote does not exist.
You've got nicotine stained hands,
knuckles bruised from your fists against skin. Your breath is stale, sickly sweet wine, your bed is done with ropes and lies. You're a drug I wish I'd never done, your words razor blades and salt and I'm soaking in them both. You're the sand and I'm bleeding out on you.

When people are being stupid, I just...     ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)  UGHHH
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