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She loved him.

She spoke about him like he put the stars in the night sky,

And he was in love with her.

You could tell by the way he looked at other girls,

To him they were stellar remnants,

But he looked at her like a blind man looking at the sunset for the very first time.


Late at night,

Whilst nursing warm mugs of hot chocolate

Watching the steam rise up in swirls in the dark air

We sat talking under a sky strewn with thousands of constellations,

You talked about all the things you ever wanted

And then you turned to me, asked me what I wanted,

A million things flashed through my head,

But in reality all I wanted was you.


Do you like me in a dress
I like you very best
But what if I look just a mess
I’d still think I was blessed
Do you like me in the morning
Darling I am yearning
At night when I am tossin’ turnin’
My feet my heart you’re warming

Do you like me when it’s raining
I like you night and daily
And will you stay when I am 80
You’ll always be my baby                    

Tell me if it’s true
Am I in love with you
Tell me do you love me too

Do you like me in a suit
I always think you’re cute
Out in the country where I’m farmin’
You’ll always be prince charming
Do you like me when it’s colder
We’ll have to snuggle closer
What if my plans are all too boring?
My dear we’ll go exploring                

Do you like me in the evening
You better be believing 
I sometimes wonder if I’m dreaming
What is it that you’re meaning

Tell me if it’s true

Am I in love with you?

Tell me do you love me too?
- Tessa Violet ft. Rusty Clanton

If you ever think my shorts are too short:
*they're called "shorts"
*I look good
In the end, what you do isn't nearly as interesting or important as who you do it with.
You're The Reason I Wake Up Every Morning.
No.. Not Raelly I Got School
The Moment When Your Mum Types In "www.p" On Your Laptop.
I'm so sick of you I'm so sick without you you take over every single thought I have and my head spins when I'm around you and my whole life has been a blur since you kissed me and I know you don't care I know what you're doing but I doesn't matter because I don't have the willpower to say no and soon enough you won't need me and it'll hurt like hell but until then I'll just hold on but f/ck one day you're gonna marry someone and if it's not me I'm gonna cry myself to sleep every night for the rest of my life
~It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home~
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