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Ferris wheel = heights + motion sickness = sick feeling for me. I don't know why I thought that was a good idea for me :/
Stacking the stones one by one,
Cementing the facade with isolation and distrust,
I built my wall,

An impenetrable barricade,
That embraced the heavens,
It was an obstruction to keep the enemies out,
I never stopped to considered,
That this lonely fortress does no good,
When the enemy is already
When the enetmy is


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Have a smoke, pour a drink, steal a kiss in the dark
1) Go ahead have another drink 2) Your not the only one that's gonna sink 1)You think your the one that's down and sad 2) Well hey I'm the one that's got it bad 1) Go ahead and scream and shout 2) Cuz I'm the one that's sticking it out 1) This pain is killing 2 But the tears keep spilling 1) Go ahead have another drink 2) God your life must really stink 1) All that money you took I worked so hard to earn 2) I'm still surprised I never learned 1) All the remarks about suicide 2) Who are you to say I haven't tried 1) All I here is how you think your smart 2) Haha please don't even start 1) Go ahead have another drink 2) Then you won't even have to think 1) Just listen to my haunted thoughts 2) This isn't love that can just be bought 1) You can complain that you feel like crap 2) Well I'm the one that's stuck and trapt 1) Go ahead have another drink 2) Your not the only one that's gonna sink 1) Here's my coffin I got a week 2) It's okay no need to speak 1) It's alright no need to cry 2) You pretty much already said good-bye
It's So Strange, 
that we find autumn
so beautiful but
really, everything 
is dying.
ok so u called misha collins and his answering machine thingy was really long ;-; he was all like " hello misha here youve called the help desk... you probably arent gonna get help but you can still tell me anyway..chances are i wont get back to you but ill try- xD
This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.
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