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Why do we need school,
Music, we have youtube
Sport, look theres a wii
spanish, There is Dora
English, everythings shortened anyway(OMG)
Math, use a caculater
geography, buy a globe
History, There all dead anyway
When a teacher calls on you when your drawing a unicorn
Teacher, excuse me, tell the class the awnser, they are waiting
Me, They are waiting for the bell to ring, thats why they are looking at the clock
Love Your Neighbor As YourSelf
my boyfriend tarail has been a great man i love hima nd i want him 4ever

Paint-laced Faces

"How many times do I gotta tell ya, Sykes!?" 
I smile, "Whaaat? I was just having a little fun, Waldo, relax." I climb up onto my science teacher's old desk and scale up a rope to the vents, leaving two troopers gagged and tied up in the corner in a 69 position with LOSER painted on their faces. I could hear their muffed screams of disgust as I made my way from the classroom and I laugh.

"You could've jeperdized the entire mission and hideout! All we needed was intel and weapons, not another one of your pranks! If Boss had the right mind, he'd fire you." Nagged Ollie, my watchman and little brother. Code named Waldo because, Where's Waldo? In a crows nest about 200 miles away in the ruins of a huge city known as New York City. 

I crawl out to the roof of our old high school building. Strolling passed two dead guards lying in a pool of blood, I press a button on my watch and a small beacon emerges and sends a signal to my ride out of this hell hole, "Calm down, kiddo, I think I can handle myself. Now where's Spock?"

"I thought he was on his way? Have you signaled him?" Ollie asks alarm in his tone.

I look around in the darkness for any signal back. None. I curse under my breath and signal again. "I've got nothing, Waldo, what's up?"

"Looking for someone?" A deep scratchy voiced called out, sending a chill up my spine. 

I freeze at the sight of three red dots hoovering over my chest. I let out a deep sigh and turn to see a man with pale skin and a jagged scar running down his face, smiling and he has a grip around the neck of Craig, Spock, my way out of here. Craig convulses as he gasped for air and fights the deathly grip around his neck by the crazy general. I see the man jolt his arm upward and I here a pop and crack and Craig's body goes limp.

"oops?" The man said with a grin on his face, "Guess you're not getting out of here."

I tense up and grit my teeth, "Wow you must really get a kick out of being a total d-ckhead. Thanks for killing my friend, Hemilstone. Now I guess I'll probably have to blow up." I throw my arms in the air and start walking towards the ledge of the school.

"Hey! Where do you thing you're going?! Get back here! I'll have you k--"

Suddenly, Craig's body exploded in the general's arms and a cloud of black and neon green smoke filled the air, hiding me from sight. I hear the General's moans for help along with the firing of snipers. I leap off of the ledge and grab a rope, tie it to my belt's harness and with the silence of a camoflauged hoover craft, I and carried out to go home. 

"That was waaaay too easy!" I heard a guy laughng as I ascending into the crafted. I am greeted with a handshake by none other than Craig himself, curly blond hair, crazy blue eyes and a big grin on his painted face, "Nice smoke bomb decoy of me, by the way. Very realistic."

"Very rad indeed, A$$HOLES."  sirened both our ear pieces. Ollie was mad, "STOP BEING SO RECKLESS. GOD YOU HAD ME SCARED. WHAT IF THAT WAS ACTUALLY CRAIG OH MY GO--"

We both smiled and threw our ear pieces to the floor and enjoyed the ride back to headquarters, blasting music and eating chinese. A delecacy since the country was overthrown and stuff. I'm Seth by the way, a Scout of the Black Blood Alliance. Welcome to America.

I can’t believe drawing a black line across my eyelids makes me feel 10x prettier.

happy easter

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Crazy Stupid Love. best movie ever :)
They said they were just friends... but everyone knew they were lovers. You could just tell. The way they looked at each other, it was like no one else was there.
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