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Marry someone

who laughs

at the same

things you do.

It kills me to see my friends in pain...if someone hurts you i will destroy everything theey love and leave their body for satan to feast on mwahahahahahahhah
...You won't see me fall apart,
'Cause I've got an Elastic Heart...
- "Elastic Heart" - Sia feat. The Weeknd & Diplo
Do you ever just wanna die?
I AM A DORK! Are you a dork? O,o
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Grief does not change you. It reveals you.
This quote does not exist.
Dear ... Anyone,


Why do the girls that are just so "beautiful" with their dyed hair that still isnt perfect so they take a flat iron and straighten it, with makeup to cover up their acne but not only that, they make their cheeks look more rosy and their complexion better. They paint on more fakeness and patch up their insecurities. But thats the problem, the outside is patched up for a little while untill its wiped away by their tears, those insecrurites arnt just on the outside. They are in the soul, inside of the soul. Those insecurities cant be patched up in the soul to make it look "perfect", because if you look deep enough, past that "beautiful" girl, you will see the dissapointment in her soul. And dissapointment to the soul is like a thunderstorm to the air.

So WHY? Why do you strive to be likle that girl? Why do you want to be friends with her? Why do you think that will make life better? Why dont you just look into your soul, becasue once you do, you will see that you can become beautiful within. 


True Beauty

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