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Mais que sera, sera.

My teacher warning about passing something in late:
Teacher: And don't think you can make me feel sorry and let you pass this in late by somehow "saddening my heart". You have all determined I don't have one of those, so get it in on time.

He was only half kidding...
One Direction Update
Hey guys! Sorry these updates have been sort of late recently. I've just been really busy. But I promise I'll keep doing them! 

The boys are in Santiago, Chile. They had a show tonight! Pictures will be at the bottom. And if you're wondering, Chile is in the same timezone as me Eastern USA.

Rumors: None

Links: The boys on stage tonight: 
Louis and Zayn: http://t.co/nJLBgiHcY2
Niall: http://t.co/x3Vf90MbfD
Liam: http://t.co/BntL856BOj
Harry: http://t.co/N8SPgNsAH3

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I can see your eyes staring into mine...
But it's a battlefield
and you're on the other side.
You can throw your words sharper than a knife.
And leave me cold
in another house on fire.

I lay low,
lay low,
and I watch the bridges burn.
I lay low,
lay low,
What more could I have done?


And he's left me. What more could I have done?

I finally kept my pride

And hailed a cab

Those cuttin' words you said

Were the last stab

There'll be no tears this time

They've all dried up

No more sweet poison

I already drank that cup

This tunnel's dark
Still waiting for the day that all the tears have dried up.
When I'm broken, you put me back together again
Who is going to put me back together now... how do I do it without him?

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