Quotes added on Tuesday, May 6 2014

and i want to know why i miss
someone who doesn't miss me..


"I'll stay with you forever"

well, what happened?
and just because you said you're sorry,
doesn't mean everything will be fixed.
and  saying you're sorry doesn't
mean anything until you show it.


and it's your [own] fault we're this way.

minutes pass. . . nothing.
then hours. . . nothing.
then days. . . still nothing.
weeks go by. . . nothing.
months even pass. . . nothing.

my point is that no matter how long 
we go without talking, i will still be 
waiting right here with open arms.


and you can lie in that bed in a
stranger's arms reaching for
comfort, close your eyes and still
get no rest..

& who do you turn to when the
one who understood you the most,
no longer understands you..?


Why couldn't I see just a bit more past my own nose?
I'm sick, I'm tired, but even still, the pain I'm feeling in my heart is a thousand times worse and its that pain that's keeping me awake right now.
Alright guilt... It looks like you've won yet again... But do you really have to brag about it?
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