Quotes added on Friday, May 9 2014

There will come a time,
when you are hit by the startling reality that in the course of your life you have nothing of import, nothing truly spectacular. You will realize that you have spent the years preceding this moment living a life for a future that is closer than you think, with no foreseeable infinite consequence and no legacy to leave behind. It is in this moment that the soul crushing fear of oblivion fills you, and you must make a choice; do you go to seek your infinity or do you live your life for your own little forever?

 "I  wanna get out and build my own home on a street  where reality

is not much different from dreams"  

✝ "Beauty isn't judged by the size of your jeans." 
Living without meaning is not Life, it is Death. It is like being in the graveyard except that you still have breath.-RVM
Morning people (:
I cba getting up haha
I fuckking hate Friday most shittest day ever hahah
My thoughts during a day
Ew. Why are you waking me up? GIVE MY BLANKET BACK BEACH. OMG Ew OMG THE LIGHT. What time is it? 8:00AM? IT'S LIKE THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHTT. You think toast has feelings?.. How do you think it would feel if I ate it? It would cry. WE CAN BE SOOK BUDDIES. That tasted funny. WILL YOU JUST STOP BREATHING I CAN'T HEAR MY MUSIC. No. I will not turn my music off. No. I do not care if you try to make me. I will just run away like a little kid. School. Ok. Um. Please help me. What is happening? No I'm not here. No you cannot see me right here. You saw NOTHING. How do you get them to stick up like that? Do you use some kind of tape? Can I punch them yet? LETS SLEEP. How dare you eat all the fries. Are you planning on rolling out of here like Miley Cyrus' wrecking ball? THEN DON'T TAKE MY FAKING FRIES. You're hot. This song puts me to sleep. What are you? Why can't I talk. Ok. PLEASE DON'T CALL MY SISTER. What are you doing with that phone? BYE. I want ice cream. Ugh don't scold me missy your the scoldee not the scolder. Maybe I can eat this toothpaste. Ok. You wanna play a game woman? How about, I pretend that I give a hairy rats buttox and you believe me. Sound fun? Game on. BUT I WANT TO SLEEP. I'M HUNGRY. I'M HUNGRY. I'M HUNGRY. Bye.

Homework: A

Classwork: A

Project: A

Test: F

Final Grade: F

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