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Way to hurt my feelings...you go dude. No, I mean it,,,you go.
This quote does not exist.
I'm friends with all my mom's
work friends on facebook, and 
this one lady shared a post all
about cheating. basically, it was
like  "if you don't love someone,
leave them. don't cheat, it'll just
make everything more painful."
and s.hit like that. and I just find it
really ironic because she has
both cheated on her husband, 
and refused to leave him. like,
right, it's much better to be in a
miserable a.ss marriage with 
adultery then to just get a 
f.ucking divorce.

Want to hear the joke about Witty and Facebook?
There is none; they're both dead.

My friend told me a joke about Witty.
I tried to add on, but killed it.

Get it?

You're not born gay. 
Nobody is born a certain sexuality.

Student: Sir, does this count for marks?
Teacher: No, this counts for stickers.

Will it ever truly be what it once was?
My head is saying one thing, but my heart's never been one to listen.
She lyes awake at night dreaming of her star, he'll one day come and find her. Away, he'll take her far.
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