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& how could love hurt this bad..</3
I    did    all    this    on    my   own
Ain't got no time for no new friends
S for  now  just  leave  me   alone
I   don't   need   y'all  anyway

*at walmart*
but he had his own personality. I mean,
he was so energetic and loved playing with
bubbles. it was hard getting over him dying.
sister: IT. WAS. A. FISH.
lady: *continues to stare/laugh at me
as if I was an idiot.*

I wish i knew you when i was a kid

You're like a bullet, girl, to my heart
You're   like a very far shooting star
The         very           thing         that              I            need
Look          at how             you                      get to me

do not kiss the 
girl with dead 
eyes if you have
no intention of
filling them
with light

you cannot 
bring me
back to life 
just to kill me
when you leave


sometimes i miss you and it hurts me a
little bit

The Other One 5
We agreed on lunch on the new restaurant in town. Everything was going great until I saw Mike and Alessia walk in, Mike looked directly at me and quickly away from me like I was a stranger
“Crap!” I whispered and shuffled around for a second, it wasn’t long until everyone realized what was going on because they sat right next to us, literally NEXT table over. Ryan had looked at me then at same, then back at me, smiled and started to talk louder then before
“So, how’s the guy you’re dating Lala? Treating you well?” Sam choked on her water and Andrew hid his laugh behind a napkin.
“He’s OKAY. But he could be so much better...I don’t think I’m going to date him much longer because he’s just not satisfying, if you know what I mean.” Sam excused herself and Andrew sat there looking very interested in what Ryan’s about to day
“I don’t know what you mean, please...Share!” in the corner of my eye I saw Mikes facial expression drop behind the menu and he peered over at us
“He just doesn’t do it right, he doesn’t get me there you understand?” I kept my cool and didn’t laugh because I knew they were listening
“Oh I see now, he’s lacking down under?” he leaned in and winked
“Yeah, he is. It’s a shame!” I shook my head
“Anything else wrong with him?” Ryan smiled
“Yeah.” I smirked back at him because I knew he was setting me up
“What is it?”
“He has a girlfriend.”

Keep me safe inside
Your   arms   like   towers
Tower                    over                  me

Is everybody going crazy?
Is   anybody    gonna    save  me?
Can anybody tell me          what's going on?

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