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Instead of saying 'LOL' we should say SFAMTISBIWFEFMTALA (Smiled for a minute then I stopped because it wasn't funny enough for me to actually laugh). It's more honest.

You lift my heart up when the rest of me is down,


you enchant me even when you're not around,

If there,

there are boundaries,

I will try to knock them down,

I'm latching on you babe,

Now I know what I have found,

I feel we're close enough,

I wanna lock in your love,

I feel we're close enough,

I wanna lock in your love

Now I've got you in my space,

I won't let go of you,

You got me shackled in my embrace,

I'm latching on to you

I feel so encaptured,

Got me wrapped up in your touch,

Feel so enamored,

Hold me tight within your clutch,

How did you do it?

You got me losing all my breath,

How did you give me,

To have my heartbeat out my chest?
I have weird dreams :/ 
Morning gorgeous people xD 
im sorry im not good enough
im sorry i cant be the perfect girl you want
im sorry im not the old me
im sorry that you have to deal with me
im sorry im just a disappoint
im sorry to be me.
This quote does not exist.

Couldn't see you so they treat you like a misfit
Because your mind clicks in another district

- iggy azalea
might as well be honest
this friendship is not suppose to last.

Wow I haven't been on Witty for a year that's crazy. Life is crazy.
We all program our gadgets—computers, mobiles, but we don’t Program our Mind in such a way that we can REJOICE and BE HAPPY.-RVM
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