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i get braces tomorrowwww what colors do i get???
the sky is bue, because blue wavelengts are short
and they bounce on a lot of dust and get scattered 
way more then long wavelengts like red
and tha's why the sky is blue
it should be violet, it has a shorter wavelengt
but the sun sends out more blue then violet
and our eyes regester blue better then violet
if everything was equal the sky would be violet
but it's not so it's blue and the world is a mean 
please get me of
don't do this again 
in a perfect universe the sky would be violet
in a perfect universe you would stll be here


while i was on camp
you told everyone you fingered me
you havn't even kissed me 
------------   I guess you can guess who is single now   -----------


my personality is 30% the last movie i watched

Dad: Son, I'm going to arrange you to a marriage
Son: No
Dad: It's going to be Bill Gates' daughter
Son: Then ok
Dad goes to Bill Gates
Dad: Let my son marry your daughter
Bill Gates: No
Dad: My son is the CEO of the World Bank
Bill Gates: Then ok.
Dad goes to the President of the World Bank
Dad: Appoint my son as the CEO of your bank
President: No!
Dad: He is the son-in-law of Bill Gates
President: Then ok!

Who will be in Topkapi Palace in Turkey from 20th May to 2nd June? I need friends :3:3:3
This quote does not exist.
Life is not the same without you....it never Will be 
love's not pretty;
I should get over you 
Baby it's so hard
With this dark cloud
Hanging over my heart </3 
Miranda Lambert
I Just Really Miss You </3
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