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i really am just nervous to have to let somebody in again, to go through that awkward uncomfortable stage and to share my past all over again
The Other One 9
The weekend came faster then expected but I was packed and ready, I ignored the texts and calls from Mike asking where I am, if I’m mad, and if I’m okay. I’m good, and even better without him! Sam texted me she was outside, I threw on my sandals, grabbed my bags, kissed my parents and siblings goodbye and locked the door behind me!
“Are we going to Coachella my fine, fashioned friend?” Sam laughed
“I believe you copied my 70’s look.” I poked her in the back
Andrew took my bag and put it in the trunk, finally we were off to the shore! Ugh, if this was an iPhone and I had emojis I’d be putting pages of heart eyes because that’s how I felt: happy and in love. In love with the wind in my hair, the sun in my eyes, and the anticipation of the hot sand under my feet while I listened for the waves crashing against the wet sand and beautiful seashells along the shore. I had been missing out on freedom and serenity for 3 years and this felt so amazing. We got to the hotel a half hour early so to kill time we went to the beach. There was a spot that didn’t have many people so the three of us traveled over there with laughter and smiles. Sam, Andrew, and I went down to the water and ran away from the tide when it came in and whoever got hit lost that game. Andrew snapped shots of us running around, laughing, playing in the sand, in the lifeguard seat, me with a lifeguard (lol), and tackling each other. All I could think about was the way the air smelt, my laugh, and that feeling you get when someone picks you up and spins you around like you’re light as a feather. I was a feather in that moment.


you made a promise...you said it was true...what a fycking pun...i cant begin to understand how i believed you...fourth time over...i believed your lies...your heart-filled "hello's"...end in soul crushing "goodbyes"

you broke my heart, you fycking b:tch.
She just wanted the pain to go away.
 ♬♫♪◖(●。●)◗♪♫♬ ツ
i was ready for bed two hours ago, but nope my restless leg syndrome is like "no b*tch you can stay up and suffer" -_-
If you put a knife in my heart would it make you feel better......
The wise respond.  The foolish react. The wise think & then act. The foolish act and then regret.-RVM

cause of death: too shy to call ambulance

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