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Pictures have so much power and influence over people....it is so tragic-pictures of thin, pretty perfect people can make you hate people you don't even know, and try to copy something you will never be.....everyone deserves to feel beautiful and happy, but why can't they just see it in themselves already, instead of feeling like they have to change themselves?
tell me that it's worth it 'cause I'm doing all I can to fight it & i've never been this scared 
and    my    moment's    finally      here

If only these eyes would stop showing weakness and become cold like his heart....
hello stranger
i'm dying,           i'm done lying to myself.
if i'm living, it's inside a hollow shell.

Dont call me a dreamer nor dare say I have an overactive imagination. I am not a dreamer, I'm a realist. What I see is potential in everything... and everyone. The possiblities for success are endless.
This quote does not exist.
   well, Jesus Christ, I'm alone again
so  what  did  yo do  those  three days you were dead?
'cause this problem's gonna last more than the weekend.

Well eat my dust.       That's
All I am.     A speck out   in   the   crowd.

i guess i never should've              loved you
but i do forever, cause you loved me.

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