Quotes added on Friday, May 23 2014

I just want my life to be
la vie en rose
I wish not to pose
to play this selfish selfie game
I'm not beautiful and yes I know
I've been told
I need not the thousand words to prove it
I guess I'm stuck just being ohkay with that
Life's like always being up to bat
forced to play this selfish game
None of the beasts in these woods are tamed
Perhaps my words are just lame
Their author a shame
but I could not stop for shame
nor selfishness
Only the selflessness of not needing to be beautiful
and losing this selfish game,
I'm ohkay with that.



thank you, witty
for introducing            sarcasm,               wit                              
and deadpan to my sense of humour. ♥                              


thank you, witty
for letting me vent         so fcking     much. ♥                                   
                             (and actually listening) 


thank you, witty
for genuinely         educating    me about                         
mental disorders, and helping me deal with my own. ♥

                   the fear of being alone


thank you, witty
       for being a        distraction      in   darker      days.    ♥ 

I feel so empty.
   Yet i feel so much pain


thank you, witty
for teaching me         that not       everyone                           
will agree with you, and that's okay. ♥

He's Not Worth Your Pain 
Spencer Hastings has like.... NO boobs.
Just sayin'.
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