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IM so happy because im just havin fun
This quote does not exist.
The more you think about it the bigger it will get
(And I'm talking only about the problem so don't get any wrong idea ;p)
to be honest,
I'm really scared .
But I don't really show it.
What time you coming down?
We started losing light.
I'll never make it right
If you don't want me around,
I'm so excited for the night,
All we need's my bike and your enormous house
You said some day we might
When I'm closer to your height
'Til then we'll knock around, endlessly
You're all I need
. . .
My formatting be all: #nomakeup

'Maybe "okay" will be our always'

. . .

This quote does not exist.
A boy in the eighth at my school took his own life last night.
I did not know him, but so many people were talking about how he always had a bright smile on his face and was always making others laugh. 
Its scary how discretly someone can hide the pain they have locked up inside, and then it all comes bursting out on one awful night when something pushed them over the edge.
I've given this some thought before, but now that it has happened in my own backyard, which I never would have expected... Im scared and shaken and I feel so sorry for all the kids in school today who knew him and will miss him. 

Please keep Ty in your hearts and in your prayers.

He will never be able to see what bright future  may have come for him, and once you realize that... it hurts the most.
This quote does not exist.
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