Quotes added on Thursday, June 5 2014

*identifies the cutest boy in room
in under .5 seconds after entering*


i'm not crying there's just
overpriced college education in my eye


i just really want to carry a
torch in a cave just like one time



"mum i've had it. i'm dropping out"

"excuse me"

"i'm done with the fake bítches. the hw. all of it. i'm done"

"ur in second grade"

"no one gets me"

She wants real and lasting love, more like an illusion but still real and deep as it is, will you take a chance to love someone when they are no longer young and beautiful and they are only their real self which means only their soul and mind..

i thought perez hilton was
paris hilton's damaged and slightly less famous brother


do not fix your dark circles
let the world know you're tired of its sht and ready to kill a man

Hey guys.
Here's a poem.

My name is Jordan
and I'm somewhat flamboyant
But I'm just a boy, and
I'm leaving soon.

Maybe this poem could be a song
or maybe it could be an animate object
that wears a thong
all day long.

I should stop thinking about thongs
and irrelevant things
these stanzas suck
and so does Bing, to be honest.

Okay luckily poems don't have to rhyme
or have the correct punctuation
but rhyming is less timing
and influences more of a patient
pay in.. dimes? 

 Sh/t, poem's over. Enjoy that, because.. well, why not?
Point is, yeah, leaving, but you guys are super great and kind and wonderful and it's unfortunate I've lost my purpose on here. 
I like talking to you people, and I hope to continue with that talking over some sorta' social media where I don't have a single care about what you ate for breakfast in the morning, but you tell me and the rest of the world anyway. I had fruit this morning. It was delicious. 

I might be back, though. A lot's on Jordy's plate, lately. I got another summer job and what not, and I'm taking college-level classes as well this time, while putting up with some b/tch who can't help but love me. 
(I'm totally joking, I respect that b/tch.) 
You, dear reader, don't have a single care about that, either. But that was for the curious ones. 
As they say; curiosity kills the cat.
Luckily you all are people and not.. cats. 
By the way, cats are still number one of my list of To Own Most Of.
Sort of like empty bottles of Gatorade. 
Owning Most of those. Definitely. 
If you see a cat, ever, enjoy that blessing you have of being in the presence of one. 
And maybe think of me, yeah?
Unless you're allergic, then don't do any of the following and get the hell out of the room you're in. 
I mean, you can still think about me.
Presence all around, hoo hoo. Jordesus is da name.
I did just replace 'the' with 'da'. 
You're welcome. 

Anywh/reway, social media and what not. Right, right. I just made an Instagram. Actually I haven't yet but before I type the next word, I will make one.
Okay, made one. 
And it's @- wait, I forgot. 
It's @- it takes a minute to stop being a hoe and load.
Seriously. Okay. 
I don't know how I forgot it. It's @Jordesus (Place white girl 'duh' here)
I'll follow you back instantaneously. Or close to instantaneously.  Not sure if I'll even like Instagram, in all honesty.
White girl selfies, all day long, hay hay.
I thrive on making fun of Ellie. (That one b/tch I was talking about earlier.) 
Pretty tired tonight. 
Oh and there's Kik, too. Kik is fun. I'm @Da_Oj_Juise_ 
Once again, lots of great quotes... Steve, you're a cool dude. 
I enjoyed reading what everyone had to say and aye, you guys are somethin' interesting. 
I apologize if this is hard to read. Or if I seem like a d/uchebag. Chances are, this is hard to read and I'm too lazy to edit, and because of that laziness and constant use on the b/tch card for my girlfriend, I am a d/uchebag. 
But yeah, I wana' talk to you guys, so please feel free to Kik or Instagram my face. 

Sorry if none of that makes sense. It's late. (It's actually only 2 am but I need an excuse for my malfunctioning brain.)
Happy summer. 
You're great.


the best way to my heart is to
buy me pizza and arizona iced tea

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