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Maybe I will always miss you,
maybe its from not getting closure, maybe its from those games you played with me,
Maybe its from how I loved who you were,
maybe you were my first,
aybe you'll be my last,maybe it was for the best, but, maybe just maybe I will
ove on...

don't worry about how far ahead some poeple are compared to you,
worry about how far you're willing to push yourself and what path you choose to pave,
because in the end it's gonna be fireflies in the night sky and you sitting outside looking back at your life,
smiling because of the way you faced every day and how far you've come


Cute things to call your girlfriend:
1. Sugar
2. Honey 
3. Flour
4. Egg
5. 1/2 lb butter
6. Stir
7. Pour into pan
8. Preheat to 375ĖšF

Things I can't live without

The internet
My camera
My bedroom
My cat (my favorite cat, who follows me around all the time, and is so devoted to me. She's solid black and doesn't have a name, so I just call her "the black cat.")
My hairbrush 
My favorite necklace (which, if I don't wear, I feel like something is missing)
Paper and things to write with
All my other animals (I have two dogs, and four other cats)
Social media sites, where people have proven to be much more accepting of me, than most people in my life, thank you!

People I can't live without
My parents (even if we fight, and I can hardly agree with them about anything, I actually need them for so many things)
My twin sister (she's my other half, even if we are nothing alike, not in our looks or our interests or our personalites, and we fight sometimes, I will never have another twin sister)
My brother (even if we are nothing alike, and he makes me feel inferior because he's really smart, he's important to me too)

Even though I wish I could be part of a different family sometimes, I'm stuck with this family, so I may as well accept it
have you ever not liked someone in a romantic way and everything is cool and all then they do something small like touch your shoulder or say something funny and you just kind of freeze and think


oh no

I miss our
One Direction Update

Hello everyone! It's Katie today. Sorry this is a bit late, Jenny and I were both quite busy today!

Anyways, not much happened today. The boys are just resting up for their first show in Wembley tomorrow (especially our sick Harry):(. It will be the first of three shows there, and then the UK leg of the tour is over! Wow!

Rumors: none :)

Links: One of Niall's sweet tweets tonight :') http://www.pinterest.com/pin/564427765772130820/

You can't make yourself be special
Being special or unique is just something that occurs naturally
You can't force being unique and you can't fake it
And if you do "fake it" then, that's sad
Being unique comes from within
It's not something you wake up and choose to be
You are either unique or you are not
You are either like other people or you are different
You either have your own thoughts, opinions, goals, dreams, talents and interests,
or you lack those things, or are too afraid to be individual
And you copy them off other people or you fake them 
Being special is something that I am sure everyone wants to be
The word isn't viewed as offensive
Being different or unique, is something I think not everyone wants to be
The word different, can be seen as offensive
But I've never been offended by it
I was when I was little, but then I grew out of it

Spongebob:What if I break your trust someday?
Patrick: Trusting you is my decision.Proving me wrong is yours.
The moment when that little voice inside your head says..."yep you're going to hell"!!!
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