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You don't really care.
Brb while I cry myself to sleep again.
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Have you ever just wanted to leave and never come back,
just run until you can't
run anymore,
just cry until the last tear drops?
. . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
, me too! 

is it bad that i wish you weren't leaving?
i'm just scared...
scared you'll find someone better
scared you'll forget about me
scared this won't work
scared you'll fall out of love with me
scared you won't come back to me
...i'm just scared
Long distance relationships are new to me...
i just don't know what to do
If you want a rainbow
you have to deal with the rain. .
A pain no one sees

Funny how I get made to feel like such a zero

Today someone told me that I was their hero

Funny how I get made to feel like I'm stupid and vain

Nobody knows how deeply I think

Or how I go through so much pain

No, I am not selfish

I have a sickness inside

Something controls my mind

It makes me want to hide

It makes me hate myself

I don't starve myself to hurt another

No, this isn't

to hurt my parents, sister, or brother

Just me, this is about me

Why do they not see?

Why am I made to feel

Like I am to blame

Why do I live

With all of this shame?

Always thinking

Yet they think I don't think

My disorder is my friend 

Yet it kills me inside

It makes me hate myself

It makes me want to hide

An ordinary girl

Is what they see

Nothing special 

Nothing bright

Not smart or pretty

Maybe I wouldn't have so much hate

For myself, if they taught me

How to feel good about being me

They see me, but they don't see

Who I am inside

I may as well be invisible

Since I always hide

Since no one listens

I may as well not speak

Since they think I fake things

I may as well act weak

I know how loudly I speak

Not out loud 

In my mind

I am lost

And search for something

That I can never find

I have a home

That doesn't feel like home

And a voice that goes unheard

Since no one ever listens

I may as well not speak a word

This poem is about how I get made to feel invisible and unheard, by people around me, especially my family. And how no one really understands what its like to have an eating disorder, unless they are going through it themselves. 
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