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Today is the day

when the darkness will go away.
When tears will fall off your cheeks,
the ones that have showed up there for weeks.
When you will leave behind your best friend,
and that friendship will end.
When everyone will find out,
what your scars were about.
When the pain will end,
and your smile won't be pretend.
When your secrets will die,
but your memories will fly.
Today is the day,
when you will take your life away.

But remember,
your taking away your mother's
and your dad's, sister's, and brother's.
Without you the world would be empty and hollow,
and everyone you knew will feel nothing but sorrow.
Rather someone has been mean to you or kind,
another you they will not find.
We all love you greatly,
even if we haven't showed it latley.
Here on this earth is where you belong,
to live your life that is suppose to be long.
So please, I beg, don't take your life away
just promise us all,

that you'll stay. 

I wonder what it would feel like...
Saying I'm tired when I can't really explain my sadness, it's just there
We all judge. It's in basic human nature to judge people, no matter what you're going to look at someone or hear someone say something and judge them by that, it doesn't mean it's a bad judgment but it's still judging. Don't act like its such a bad thing to do.
Add your name to this list, but do it with your elbows & you CANT erase!
If you dont do this within 10 minutes you will lose your 1 true love tommorrow repost as YoUr DrUnK NaME! !!...the easiest way is to highlight wat u repost this as and copy it in the subject box

1.​ygaberioep;​[​lop - GABRIEL
2.cxdorteruy?" - COREY
3.Mr.taco himenez-junior
4.sAPZIKZ ykksks - jason
5.lujixs dernhorttgaz-​lus 
6.​dswefd​​ caroline <33
8.​ujjdfjdfuhjdjuh​dskijdfrujikesd​hjny-​ Brianna Mccormack (:
9.fgvbza bddddse-Gabe

11. trflklnmewr- Topher

13. cxhr,zsa - CHRIS XD
14. ssamanbtgha-samantha

15.  allison - allison...wow am i the only one who can do this?
16. te4shya - Pretty Closeeee. - Tesha(:
17. klzat5r5a- haha far off.  Kara(;

18. iu,luyhj vsdxasm, oplassd- iluvsamoas woooow thats a strange name
19 zsahnjAZerkl.kinmj - shaelin it says zerk in my name ^.^ 
20.alkyhssaz - alyssa haha i was wayyyy off :P 

21.kelwse3y- kelsey hahaha pritty good                                                                       

22. erfkjin j- erin!!  heeey not too badd!! 
23.saaqwsaqsw-haha suppposed to be Sarah 
24. hasnnah- hannah lol not too badd 
25.k4eatlo n- keaton. haha wowww.~ i suckkkk.! haha
26. aBBHY OHH! so close!!
27,melsn iedws-melanie
28.) OSDVC- I was aiming for OSC, close enough? lol =]
29. baIULKEYT-Bailey lol i tried!!
30. annie -annie. wow im good =)


   33. dem il.eded- emilee. lmfaooo
34. madeline         omg i did it!!!! my name is madeline btw
35. pol9gf -- liv
36. aqswhylkoery6u7- Ashley. Woww im bad at thiis.
37.  aqmANSDA- AMANDA lolll

38. cdaswswi9ee- Cassie haha thats pretty Bad...
39. leah-Leah(: haha, I'm goooood... I DID NOT Erase (:

40. mergfsa n  - megan  heck yes!  : )
41. emkijl.hy- Emily :D
42. dsaqmjnkie3lolke3- danielle... aw man just a little off
43kjesswi8cdfa - jessica... that was fun lmao
44. ppaswcalke4 -pascale
45. erinmj - closeee enough(;  erin lmao like erin michael jackson

46. savvfahnhnah - Savannah. hahaha

47. tyrinjjhg -- Trinh. I have a weird name but, oh well.

48. m3gtqahn --- Megan :p
A #lifehax quote:

'Life's a game and I'm a player... Why not cheat the system?'
We All Have That One Friend That Turns Everything Sexual c':
"And no one, not this person's spouse or parents or friends, put a hand on his shoulder and said, "What the f*ck are you thinking? What the f*cking f*ck?""

-- cracked articlel http://www.cracked.com/blog/5-new-products-that-prove-humanity-doomed_p2/#ixzz34IrHQZj7
me: *loses weight*
me: *eats my feelings*
me: *gains weight*

It kills me that you are perfectly fine. I wonder if you even think of me as much as I think of you still. There's only two years till I'm 18, which means two years and then we could of actually tried being together unless you were all just a game. Even though we've never dated you'll always be my first love, you were the first one I feel for, the first one who has been there late at night just to talk when i need it. I was able to tell you everything and anything whenever and now I can't even talk to you. All I can say is I hope you're happy. One day you'll realize how much you messed up and when that day comes it'll be too late.
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