Quotes added on Thursday, June 12 2014

What happened deep in this sleeplessness, I dont know why. Just cant get away from myself. 
When I get back on my feet I'll blow this open wide, and carry me home in good health.


  you to

Want me 

I need
  you to
need me

you to
m beggin

you to
beg me

I really miss the days that when 9 year olds wanted phones they meant toy phones that lit up and played barbie music when you pressed the call button...
Walking bear-foot on the damp grass, leaving an imprint with each step, you can't help but smell the sweet freshly cut lawn on this cloudy spring morning.
It's scary to think that you have no idea what kind of pain someone is going through until it's too late 
if you blame social media on your relationship problems then you are completely ridiculous, if you cant maintain a relationship because of "social media" you should not be in one
I wish people cared whether or not I was here

&+ last night, my best friend
asked me to be his girlfriend 


moves pretty

If you

don't look

around once

in awhile,

you could

miss it."




A few days ago my friend said to me:
"How much do you weigh? Like 95 pounds?"
& it made me feel really happy because i actually weigh 110 pounds and she thought i weighed 15 pounds less and omg.

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