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I think my dad has a personality disorder
He can go from funny, nice, and calm one minute, to raging in anger and shouting out the meanest insults
It's actually pretty scary

And he's really tall, and strong looking
When my dad goes from easy going to suddenly angry, it's like watching the Hulk take over

There was always something so beautiful
about the dark. And I'm not just talking
about the shadows on the ground, but the
ones that are cast on our hearts, our minds;
I mean the darkness that hides in all of us.
Call me weird, odd or a misfit but even when
I was young I would root for the bad guy.
The villain. The ones who never won, but tried
anyways. They were determined, sure of
their own capabilities and skills. They were
confident and even when everyone else in the
world hated them, and everything they stood
for, they still loved themselves. They believed
in the one thing no one else would:
Poetry and Hums aren't things which you get, they're things which get you.

And all you can do is go where they can find you.

~Winnie the Pooh
Why is it, that so many people in the world have to act so stupid?

It hurts my head to think about how many people act so idiotic all the time

It makes me feel happy when I actually meet an intelligent, unique person that thinks for themselves

If you find intelligent people, treasure them, treat them nice.

Because it feels like the world is being taken over by so many stupid, unoriginal people that all think and act the same

Scary to think about, this really doesn't help with my social anxiety 

A guy and girl
can be "just friends"
but at one point in time,
they will fall for each other.
This quote does not exist.


Iget so
happy wheyou

talk tome.


He looked her in the eye, but he never really said goodbye...
Life is a highway 
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