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My Life
It's made up of fake smiles and laughs.
They are always believed.
But behind these laughs are the pain that the words they say cause..
And they would never even know...
Accidental Love
Taylors POV 
Chapter ..6?
(Taylor is on her 3rd tour, The red tour.)
"Taylor I can't believe its the end of the Red Tour! This last show!" My mother said, and I smile.
"It's going to be a new era, my swifties are excited." I smile again and I stand on the platform to go to the stage.
Yes, Ed was my opener. He is rather nice, now.
The music plays. 
I start singing at the crowd screams. I love playing in different countries!
I sing WANEGBT, and run off stage.
"I can't believe this. It's the end." I say to my guitar player.
He nods, not knowing what to say, as always, hahaha.
I go to my dressing room for club red, to get ready.
I change into a dress and I redo my makeup.
I meet fans there, and Harry, yes, THE HARRY STYLES, was there. We have been dating since a few weeks after I left the mental place.
I'm trying so hard to forget my past... I can't.. Its so.. hard.. 
My fans know about my past, I'm actually happy they do.. so i dont have to hide my scars.
When everyone left, Harry and I walked into the dressing room. 
He shut and locked the door and winked at me.
He held his hands on my waist and kissed me. 
It got really really heated.
Harry laid me on the couch and started to put his hands up my dress to undo my bra. I quickly pull away.
"Later, babe. We are in a dressing room." I laugh. I've never had 'it' with anyone. 
He laughs and nods. We are leaving for Nashville tonight, even if it's 12:00 AM. I dont care! 
We get up and I get my stuff, and put it in my suitcase. 
We do all the other stuff and we go on the plane. 
It takes a while to get there, but we do and it is 8:00 PM there. Good. I'm tired. 
Harry and I go to my house.
"Finally!" I say.
He yawns. "I know right?!" 
I laugh and we go in and I go into the bedroom and he follows me. I start to change, and while I'm only in my bra and shorts, Harry grabs me before I put I shirt on.
"You're cute." he says and smirks.
"Am I really?" I laugh and he kisses me. I think this is the time we will take it all the way. And I won't mind it, either.
He picks me up and lays on the bed with me on top of him. 
Now, I let him undo the hook on my bra.
The rest? That's history.
Oh I've heard this so many times: "but I love her/him." But if you did you wouldn't let them go instead you cheated and realized you're addicted to love...
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*at job interview* Oh yes, my criminal record? The only thing illegal I've done is absolutely
KILLIN it on the dancefloor. Haha, just kidding! I have killed a man

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