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I imagine that when I die if you look at the row I am buried in at the graveyard, amongst the headstones that have touching comments like 'loving mother of 2' and 'left too soon' there will be my headstone with the caption 'ran out of frozen-yogurt'

Teenager Fail 1

I was with my best friend and my brother asked for a ride home and I tried to take the car without my dad finding out at like midnight and he found out somehow

Past goals for summer: become HOT
This years summer goal: get less ugly

Teenager Fail 2

I asked my friend(who I would like to stay friends with) if she wanted to see The Fault in our Stars and she said she wouldn't be able to make it through the movie because her aunt had died of cancer a few years ago...
This quote does not exist.
"Movies don't create physcos, movies make physcos more creative." -Scream
type your user:*SomeInfinities.
type your user with your elbow:"^&"l ,mrftiknjvgkoyghfdsd.
type your user with your eyes closed:*SomeInfinities.
type your user with your chin:hello, i am chin. i have been trapped on this person for years with no means of escape. this is my first chance being able to communicate with the world, please send help. i dont know how much longer i have to t—
Crazy summer nights with great friends
You can't expect me not to change.
It's 1am and all I can think about is how everything is messed up and how I may never speak to you again.
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