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waking up next to you
is my favourite thing
in the world.
you think you look disgusting
and i know you feel grotty
because i do too
but seeing you look
so raw
so real
(and so beautiful)
only proves to me
that i’m not still
trapped in a beautiful
dream from the

one of the worst feelings ever is knowing someone you love is
in so much pain and you have no idea what to do to help them

am i wrong for thinking that we could be something for reallll

I'll just paint a different picture.

Jack A.
my school is on fire
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All i can ask for is to meet that one person that i can have that exchange with, that back and forth and it all just feels right.
If you can’t handle me at my worst (approximately four to five weeks after a haircut), you don’t deserve me at my best (approximately 1.5 to 2 weeks after a haircut).


my sister said if I ever graduate, she's going
to throw a huge party and invite people I went 
to school with, and basically try to get me laid.
like f.uck, y'all could have told me this years
ago and I never would have dropped-out.

my everyday survival


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Not my quote

Have you ever sat with your friends and just known that you’re the least important friend in the group and you felt like it wouldn’t make a difference if you were there or not


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