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As a woman, you can't just let a guy call you a b*tch or a sl*t or a wh*re. You have to have respect for yourself, and make sure that guys have respect for you. If a guy doesn't treat you with respect then you have every right to leave him and you should walk away. I see so many girls who stick around guys who don't treat them right, and those girls owe it to themselves to find someone better.

Boys are disrespectful, but real men treat girls the right way.
I was ordering at McDonald's and I noticed that the girl working the register had bandages along both of her wrists. I immediately knew what they were for. The girl had a bright smile, but her eyes were sad. I tried to find the words to tell the girl to stay strong and that people cared about her, but I couldn't will myself to say anything.
A w
eek later, I was watching the news and they were talking about a suicide in my town. The picture on the screen looked familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on the girl at first.
en I realized - the girl who committed suicide was the worker at McDonalds.
Why am I so emotional?
No it's not a good look, gain some self control
And deep down I know this never works
But you can lay with me so it doesn't hurt
Some cute guy just winked at me with both eyes at the same time.


You look at me like you could
save me-
you could, you know
Teacher: What comes after 69?

Student: Mouthwash.

Teacher: Get out.
What do you call a sad coffee?


One Direction Update
Hey guys! Sorry if this is a tad late. I had to stay late at work and put out sale tags. Ewww! But anyway, the boys had their first show in Milan and filmed for the WWA Tour DVD! There were special things that were put together by just the fans that we will see soon! It's been said that the DVD will be out on December 1st! I'm sure they'll tell us preorder info soon!

Tomorrow's Tour Info: Another show at San Siro in Milan!

Rumors: None

Links: Funny Vine from tonight: 
Louis tonight: http://t.co/jhMql3Tz7P

Why are there so many sad posts on witty?   Where is good fortune for us, the wittians?   Where is luck for the reckless and brave?
I am the girl who was builied,

I am the girl with glasses,

I am that kid at the back of your class just trying to stay alive.

I am the girl who said goodbye to love and pain, by choosing to laugh it off and hide.

But i'm also the girl who is brave enough to do it again the next day.
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