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Tell me this is just a dream...
THE THING ABOUT Life is that it's always about chances, consequences, and choices. Whether good or bad, we all do/don't make choices and take chances that have given way to consequences that have huge impacts on our lives whether they revolve around love, friendships, or career paths. The thing to keep in mind is to realize that the world is a cycle, it gives and takes, pushes and pulls. What is meant to be will be as long as you believe it will happen and you work towards it. You can only have what you work for.


Chocolate doesn't ask questions.
Chocolate understands.

Maybe he'll
be a good


how dumb is that we've created words we aren't supposed to use


You can't tell me what to do! ehhhh.

and if you're still breathing,
you're the lucky ones
'cause most of us are just heaving
through corrupted lungs
daughter, youth

. . My heart wasn't strong enough . .

Our love was like the stars
Yet eternally burning
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