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screw everyone who said they'd be there for me,
and then wasn't when i needed them the most.
where you at now?              
Summer for me means night drives after it rain smelling that after rain and feeling the bass cranked up making my heart best agents my will as he holds me close rubbing the intricate scars all across me arms as he whispers sweet things in my ear and kiss my neck and I melt into the guitar solo of so far away by avenged sevenfold
This quote does not exist.
So here's another day
I'll spend away from you
Another night I'm on another broken avenue
My bag is ripped and worn
Then again now so am I
Take what you want to take
What you wanna take
What you..
I miss the stupid things
We'd go to sleep and then
You'd wake me up and kick me out of bed at 3 AM
Pick up the phone and hear you saying dirty things to me
Do what you wanna do
This quote does not exist.
There is a girl,
in the front of my class,
who I swear I've never seen
do anything but laugh.

She's tall and she's smart,
beautiful and strong,
And when someone's down
she tries to fix what is wrong.

How does someone so perfect,
feel so insecure?
As to scar her skin with cuts and burns
and still want to hurt more..

How does someone so loving,
learn to hate her own guts?
Drawing a picture on her arms with a blade
as if her mind isn't dark enough..
Just because I'm friends with a guy and hangout with him, doesn't mean I like him.
| I Hear the water, rushing down the waterfall,adding to the serenity. I feel the cool but not noticable summer breeze that reminds me of you. I breathe in the fresh air and take in my surroundings, I miss you so much that I have made myself beleive that your still here. Some call me crazy, they just don't know what it feels like to be in your arms. If only they knew, if only they knew my story. They judge me too quickly. They know my name,not my story. So much lies behind my face of pale, distorted broken dreams and hopeless wishes. Behind all that lies an untold story that will remain to be silenced by peoples ability not to judge a book by its cover, in my case, a torn, tattered, worn out cover. If only they knew.... |
the memory of the first time you
held me in your arms is fading
day by day

i should have cherished it better
because little did i know, it was
going to be the last time, too


Those nights when you can't sleep and your mind is racing
and you just want to talk to someone.
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