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“The scariest part about
letting someone in is
that they could take
one look inside of you
and never come back.”
— And I’ve Got to Protect Myself

Why did I fall madly in love with the guy that uses me?
                                          is keeping the promise anyway.
John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

                       “I should have loved you less.

                       I should have loved myself more.”

This quote does not exist.

   Is anyone else
weirdly shy about replying           to quote comments? I don't know,       
I just feel like I'm bothering them or that they won't care what I have to say about it,
or it'll be awkward because they weren't expecting an answer and they'll wonder who I am.

...so instead, i just thumbs up and hope they forget...

This quote does not exist.

If you get butterflies everytime they look at you:

Trust me, they are the one for you
If you really loved me, you wouldn't make me cry...
Accidentally caught feelings worst mistake ever #1 rule if being a independent female is dont catch feelings cause your gonna get yourself hurt smh
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