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Do you see her smile?
It’s as bright as the stars on a dark night,
Do you see her?
She’s could get anyone she wants.
But she’s cautious,
Trying to find the perfect man.
Every time she thinks she does,
Turns out not to be.
It breaks her down more and more.
Any man would be lucky to have her.
But she’s scared.
She doesn’t want to be hurt again,
Like she’s used too.
She wants it to be different.
You can see it in her eyes,
Hear it in her voice,
That she’s hurt and broken.
She’s perfect inside and out,
But doesn’t even know.

I love those conversations where you don’t have to worry about what you say, you can just be you.

© format : jannette

Last year I was sorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore, I recently forgot my password so I just made a new account and was sorted into Slytherin. If that doesn't tell you how much I've changed in the past year, I don't know what will.

Do you have an account? What house are you lovely people in? :)
people ask why i never listen to a song with lyrics, but only a piano.

i tell them;

why listen to a song with lyrics when you feel nothing?


                                                                                                  when i close my eyes & try to sleep
                                                                                                  i fall apart, i find it hard to breathe
                                                                                                  you're the reason, the only reason
                                                                                                  although my dizzy head is numb,
                                                                                                  i swear, my heart is never giving up
                                                                                                  you're the reason, the only reason


Look at your life 
All the things you've fought through 
You're so strong 
Look at that smile 
It's finally real
It's genuine
Look at her 
She's happy 
You made her feel that way
How proud are you 
Look at him 
Running around the house 
Becoming his own person 
Baby look around 
Life is finally turning around for you 
Take it a day at a time 
You can do it. 
Look at your life 
Remember where you came from 
But look towards where you're going.
If you had known that it wasn't gonna work, you probably wouldn't try. But you wouldn't have learned of that mistake ...

most people spend their time trying to find someone to sleep with instead of finding someone worth waking up to

© format : jannette
This quote does not exist.
Whats the point of trying anymore? X/
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