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One Direction Update
Hey guys! Sorry this is a bit late! The boys are still on break. Louis like I guessed is in Portugal with the Doncaster Rovers. The other 4 are in London!

Rumors: That stupid Paige girl posted some picture of herself wearing what looks like Harry's jacket. It's not his jacket. She's just trying to get attention or whatever. She really needs to stop. But don't pay her any mind :)

No links today sorry about that!

Sometimes there are certain figures in your life that you will never forget. I'm not talking about boyfriends or girlfriends or any relative, I'm talking about...really spectacular friends. Friends who walk on the left side, no questions asked, just because one time you moved to the right and they don't even think you're crazy for having a specific side to walk on. Friends who are always there for you...friends who don't even need an explanation, friends who can just sit in silence with you, friend who can walk in a room with your mother there while you're having a full blown panic attack and just get you tissues because thats what you need. Friends who you know their whole family. Friends who've met your whole family. Friends who you can ask "Hows your grandma doing?" Friends who you feel like were your friends for 17 years instead of only 3. Friends who are said no to at least 3 times but keep coming back for more s***. WELL FVCK EVERYBODY WHO MADE FUN OF YOU. Including me. The power to love somebody so much is the most amazing gift that those who mock it, can only be jealous of it. I understand why friends like this eventually leave. I think it's the strongest thing to do. I admire the people who are able to protect themselves like this because it's something I will never be able to do. 
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In the cloudy night where even the stars don't shine in the starless night
The thoughts that floated gently in the air and disappeared
I feel a cosmic world
- Alice Nine

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Haha :)
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