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Everyone always says that they love to cry when it's raining because no one can tell but every time I'm just sad enough to begin to cry my cheeks get all red and my eyes get all bloodshot and I look like I've been bawling for hours even if a tear hasn't left my eyes
As I stood there, alone in the dark, I thought about how everyone would've be so much happier if I hadn't went and been so distant.


not friends, not enemies, just some strangers making memories āœ¾

I could go out to find the love of my life but I'd rather turn on the TV and see how they find Nemo.
"i promise i'll never leave you."

he's gone.
When the voices go away, you lose control.
This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.

*goes to movie showing with friend*
*after movie showing has ended*
iend: I have to go to work now but I just wanna go home and watch a movie
This quote does not exist.
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