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There's no one


Does anybody even know what Steve really looks like?
Beauty will rise from the ashes.

Free Palestaine <3 !
  "Always accept those who deserve your true friendship.
   Stay clear from those with negative ways that may bring
   you down.  True friendships will always make our world
   shine brighter."

Three choices,

Two points of view,

One life to get everything right.

oh yes. she'd been with other guys. before and after him. 
the relationships. the one night stands. and the friends with benefits. 
he definitely wasn't the only one.
but somehow he left this terrifying feeling in the center of her chest. 
in that case, he was the only one.
the only one who'd tease her with that one sensitive spot on her neck. 
because he was the only one who knew about it.
the only one who bothered to look for it.
he was also the only one who loved the birthmark on her hip.
he'd bend down and kiss it whenever he had the chance.
it was him and only him. 
nobody before. and nobody after. cause they're irrelevent.
it was his mind she wanted to explore.
his body she couldn't get enough of.
his laughter that sang to her.
and his problems she wanted to solve. 
he was like a drug to her.
she was addicted and overdosing.
she didn't realize how bad the withdrawals would be until he actually left.
she didn't realize how bad it was until it killed her.

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