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its easier to say "nothing much" than decide what part of the truth to tell them
This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.
One Direction Update
Hey everyone! Sorry this is on the late side. There's really nothing going on today. Harry was seen in LA. The others are in the UK. Based on Niall's tweets, he's been golfing a lot. The others haven't been seen!

There are no rumors or links today! Sorry this is so short the boys are just enjoying time away from the hype!

Go to bed.
Go to bed, you need to wake up tomorrow.
Go to bed, you have commitments that you have to fulfill.
Go to bed, you need your rest for tomorrow. 
Go to b- ooh Witty! Maybe just five more mintues.

Am I the only one who's completely scared sh*tless because of the Ebola virus outbreak?

when we were 12 we could sing the quadratic formula to the tune of a christmas carol,  but we didn't know what to do when we didn't like asked us out.

when we were 13 we could name exactly how and why blood gets oxygen and how it gets to our heart, but we could not explain why our hearts and breathing both stopped when we saw each other.

when we were 14 we could describe the overarching theme of social inequalities within "to kill a mockingbird", but we did not care that our cafeteria was seperated into cool and not cool by pillar.

when we were 15 we could write pages and pages about the way trade off the coast of India evolved and was affected by monsoon seasons, but when a storm knocked the power out for two weeks, we found ourselves with nothing to do, no way to connect.

when we were 16 we knew every rule in calculus: exponential, power, logarithm, the product rule, the chain rule. we can list those in our head, rapid fire, but we do not have any rules for how to fall in love, how much to drink, how to pick our pieces up.

when we were 17 we could tell you exactly how a bill becomes a law and how often venus is visible to the naked eye, and which surveys to trust, but we could not tell you how to balance a checkbook or talk to a depressed friend or fall out of love with someone or in love with someone else.

(( public school by claire luisa ))

It's not gay rights, it's human rights.

I went to the park with my friend tonight,
and we were waiting for her boyfriend to come
over (he lives like right beside it.) well, it was dark
and as soon as we pulled into the parking lot, and
made it to the swings, a truck pulled in as well. we
thought nothing of it because they were acting like
they were having car troubles or something (they
popped their hood and whatever.) 40 minutes go by
and they still were there, and it was getting kind of
strange but we just kind of pushed it to the back of
our minds (her boyfriend still wasn't there, btw.)
anyway, we were swinging, and I was facing one
way (towards the back of the park) while my friend
was facing the other (towards the parking lot where
we and this guy was parked) when I saw this person
emerge from the shadows. I froze because it scared
me, and a few seconds later my friend turned and was
just like "holy s.hit Coltin, you scared me!" and the guy
was just like "I'm not Coltin..." (creepy, right?) and
then he said "there's bears around here. you guys
don't have a light. idk how old you are but I'd hate 
for your parents to get a call from the state troopers."
and he followed us back to our car. got a flashlight
from his truck, and went back out.

now, you don't know what my park looks like, but 

I'll try to explain the best way I can. for him to get from
the parking lot, to where he emerged from the shadows
at, he would have walked around the park.. in complete
darkness. no light at all. it was so f.ucking shady of him to
walk around a volley ball net, tennis court, and trees, without
a flashlight just to come tell us that there were bears. like, why??
he didn't announce himself either, he was honestly only 2 feet
away before I spotted him and then he decided to start talking.
if you would have walked from the parking lot, straight to the
swings, you would have been in light from a pole light, so the
fact that he avoided that, and walked the whole way around
the park to sneak up on us should say something. and bears?
really? I live in the f.ucking country, and bears are rare enough
here, let alone in TOWN- with yknow people. OH OH OH, and 
we drove in a small loop that went past my friend's bf's house
and around the park, and he wasn't there anymore. we had
JUST seen him go back out to "investigate" with his light 
(why didn't he have that the first time??) and now he was
just gone? plus when we drove back to the park, his truck
was gone. so, I mean, he stood around in a parking lot for
an hour and didn't leave, but when we left he magically
vanished? totally not creepy at all. the whole way home
we were curious about what would have happened if
we didn't see him before he got too close. I'm probably
not really emphasizing how shady this guy was, so you
might think that's over dramatic, but even my friend seems
to think that he would have tried something if we didn't
see him. (seriously. TWO feet away before he even said
anything and that was because my friend thought he
was her boyfriend.) it was just... shady.

sorry for the long a.ss story no one cares about. it was just
weird. and I don't know what else to put as a quote, so.


me: *reblog reblog reblog*
me: *
gets off tumblr to get on witty*
me: *fave fave fave*

me: summers almost over
me: *looks out window with distant look in my eyes*

nah lol *reblog reblog fave*

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