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One Direction Update
Hey guys! Once again sorry this is so late. The boys weren't up to too much today. Liam is the only one to arrive in Toronto or at least seen arriving. Zayn was at the Chiltern Firehouse today in London. The other boys weren't seen but are most likely on their way to Toronto! 

Tomorrow's Tour Info: The North American leg of the WWA Tour kicks off tomorrow in Toronto at the Rogers Centre! 

Rumors: None

Links: Zayn today at the Chiltern Firehouse looking beautiful: 

Okay so tomorrow there will most likely be no update because I'm going away again. Though this time it's only Friday night. But it's for a really good reason! I'm going to Washington DC and me and Katie are actually meeting for the first time! We met on here over a year ago and she's one of my best friends. She also does great updates for me! So I'm really excited to be meeting her! 
Girl: k
guy: every kiss begins with k ;-)
Girl : too bad ugly begins with U
I'm not crazy the voices in my head told me so
When I was a kid...
No wait, I still do that.
Telling inanimate objects to stay when they look like they're going to fall.
Harry Potter fans: I wanna go to Hogwarts.
Narnia fans: I wanna go to Narnia.
Hunger Games fans: Nope, I'm good.
That brief moment of preparation before stepping onto an escalator.
Playing hide and seek, and having to pee every time.
just let me in...my heart is sinking as i gaze in to your bright brown eyes... 
A senseless life, yet meaningful to many.        
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