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The most
things don't
fit into words,
that's why
However long these drugs last, don't know why I live so fast
They be telling me to slow down, I be screamin out f*ck that

I love my D O G,
more than I love
P E O P L E.

                                          This Is
How To Be                                                                            A
Love is a drug, like the strongest stuff ever.  
And f**k it, I'm on one.  Ya feel me? 
Hey guys! My xbox broke and I wont be getting a new one because I have a ps3 and I cant get online sooo sorry. Sorry if youre trying to find good quotes! Go to my profile and I have some actual quotes if you want.
We have forgotten the fields of summer.

where we once did play.


I realize that my boyfriend is really freaking cute;
however, you're not allowed to think that.
&& Just for once!  Why can't you be afraid of losing me?  Why can't you admit something might worry you?  Would you even care if I just got up one day and just changed everything?  Do you ever think of losing me and worry about it?  
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