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Let me just write something..... something form the heart *my heart* just read it and feel it... read it like its meant for you

I don't wanna lose you
n life you never imagine to find a person so marvelous like you
don't have words to describe what I feel for you, you are my light and I want to tell you even if you don't believe me and think I got other girls
want you to know if the stars in the sky could be bought I would buy the sun to a marvelous human-being like you so special beautiful princess you're a rose that never wittier you so pretty so cuddly so flitterty so loving you my little thing my whole world so tender you're a goddess the highest of all I would make a relationship with you because you are worth gold

With Inspiration, Liberation and Determination, you can reach any Destination.-RVM
oh just shut up you're only sixteen.
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