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Emancipation set the slaves free.

That's what we like to think anyway. We all know there still questionable work conditions. Sweatshops and like. But buying, selling and trafficking human beings, especially children? Well it must all be going on in cultures far from our influence. Well your actually wrong, that smart phone, t-shirt, computer, cup of coffee... All these things we buy it comes from slaves.

You can't be everyones superhero
This quote does not exist.

It's not even midnight but i'd rather
say goodmorning to you than goodnight
because i don't like goodbyes and the 
sun is already rising in your eyes 

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I have such a hard time accepting myself for who i am / i know that i can't change the shape of my nose or my giggly laugh but no matter how hard i try to love myself i just can't

If you can't ignore an insult 
top it
If you can't top it
Laugh at it
And if you can't laugh at it
You probably deserved it 

You're the weird and wonderful,
sensitive girl who needs cuddles and kisses
and all these good things, but is also
extremely intelligent, talented, and strong
in her own way that help make up who she is

I love how I went
from goody goody christian
to full blow satanist
in about a week
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