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One Direction Update
Hey guys! Not too much going on today. The boys were off! There was a spot of drama with some fans and Harry. I'm not going to talk too much about it because dragging it out is pointless. Let me just say that everyone needs to remember that Harry and all of the boys are human. And on days off they aren't obligated to say hello if they don't want to.  And a lot of fans lie to make the boys look bad. That is all.

Tomorrow's Tour Info: The boys head to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Lincoln Financial Field!

Rumors: None

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The Boy Who Drank Stars
This quote does not exist.
Befriend me so we can make your heart blacker and colder.
They kept on asking why I don't use the fan so much. I wanted to say, 'if you're from hell you would be used to the heat, this also explains why I have terrible colds during decembers'. But of course, no one must know.
But make no mistake, I take my fictions seriously.
I gave you words
and you turned them
to poetries
when you gave them
back to me
in stichic verses
I couldn’t understand
a thing.
The sun became
a metaphor,
and the rain did
And it makes me
so angry that
even my name
sounds like a metaphor
for something now
to you.


she stared at him.
eyes rarely blinking, refusing to show even the slightest glint of light.
sitting there, emotionlessly telling him that love was pointless.
she believed that no matter how much two people may love each other,
it was only for the moment.
because people change with every journey the earth makes around the sun.
and soon enough, they aren’t the same people they’d met some years ago.
so they’d break up. 
and everything they’d risked, ends up being for nothing.
why should one waste their time on something as cruel and as selfish as love?
she looked him in the eyes, and told him that she’d rather stand on her own feet than fall in love.

and he stared at her.
taking in all of her disastrous beauty.
he wished he hadn’t heard the words that just escaped her lips.
because before, he was only standing over the cliff, toes dancing with the edge.
he knew very well that he should turn around and run as fast as he could.
but he didn’t.
he jumped, gravity taking over instantly as he fell for her.
screaming her name blissfully.
he didn’t care whether or not everything she’d just said was true.
she was the most terribly magnificent thing he’d ever laid eyes on.
and although she was completely heartless.
he had a heart.
and he didn’t hesiate. not one second.
as he willingly ripped it from his chest, surrendering it to her.



No matter 

how hard we try

we will always

end up


 format taken from 

Birds Fly in the Sky, because they don't know how to Cry! They know just one thing, to Sing!-RVM
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