Quotes added on Wednesday, August 13 2014

a few weeks ago we had an assesment where we had to write an essay on into the world
we still havent got our feedback yet we have to write an essay on it in our trial. This infuriates me, silly teachers -.-
Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularly, and for the same reason

      M y little brother was singing Friend Like Me from Aladdin i n the shower 

last night that Robin Williams was alive. Ironic or nah?



Statistics have shown im 69% funnier than you.

"I noticed everything. I just acted like 
I didn't."

To me it's so wierd to think
that some people will never experience the urge
to rip out their hair, tear off their nails or slice their skin.
It's become only natural.

I am a living contradiction
I either stay up all night or sleep for 16 hours
I either starve myself or eat too much
I fall in love too hard, or not at all
I dont know what grey is, never did.
Never under any circumstances take a laxative and a sleeping pill on the same night 

Only love can
hurt like



Here i am, once again, I'm torn into pieces

Can't deny it, can't pretend,

Just thought you were the one.



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