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One Direction Update
Hey guys! Happy Friday! Today the boys had a show in Houston, Texas! Also, Harry and Louis finally did their ice bucket challenges! Now all we need is Zayn !

Tomorrow the boys have the day off. Their next show is in Dallas so they might go there soon!

Rumors: None

Links: Louis' ice bucket challenge! 
Harry's ice bucket challenge! http://t.co/ydUjol7i25
The boys doing the row in Houston tonight: http://t.co/kSGP3RLoef


One of the biggest lies I've ever heard is:
"Easy come, easy go."

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I am fading in the dark, so don't you ever kiss me, don't you wish on me, why can't you see that no one's gonna save us.
That is the scary moment when you are taking with a girl and she suddenly ask u what?
At that time you get confuse about whether she is asking or she is angry!!
Guys I've been loyal to most of yall, faving your qoutes and all. I'm just asking for a little thing. please follow me on Instagram :@primmio (primrose). many thanks
i want a shirt that says eat or die
because at first it sounds rebellious but its
just a reminder
This quote does not exist.
Wow i'm really craving someone right now 
This quote does not exist.
Why call yourself a King when you don't have the Freedom to do anything!-RVM
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