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Me: Get's tooth extraction and expects everything to get better...

three days later...
*Get's dry socket*

Me: *cries on floor from pain....*
So many people on witty that i hadn't seen before :D 

She can't sleep,
he's not next to you,
She's not comfortable,
she misses you like crazy,
he wants to lay there with you,
She wants to play footsies&hold hands.
he wants you to hold her again&never let go♥

She just wants you.♥
Laying here, missing you.
Smiling because of you.
Can't sleep, not next to you.
Music makes me think of you.
Wanting to be with you.
I just want to kiss you goodnight
I hope one day you will realize I did truly care for you. I promise you're gonna miss me being there, putting up with you, refusing to give up on you. You're gonna regret everything you've done to me, including all the damage you've caused. And someday, you'll turn back and I won't be waiting for you any longer. I might have been worthless to you, but you'll miss me when I become priceless to another. 

when I die, I want the people I did group projects with in school to lower me
into my grave so they can let me down one last time.


For a long time,
she tossed and turned,
unable to sleep,
wondering if maybe, just maybe,
    he was awake and thinking of her too.


im worse at what I do best and for this gift I feel blessed

our little group has always been and always will until the end

This quote does not exist.
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