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"People like us get forgotten all the 
When we suffer, we do it in silence.
And the world like's it that way. 
We just... 
fade away like we never existed."

~Nerissa from The Wolf Among Us.

One Direction Update
Hey guys! I'm back today! Thanks Katie for updating yesterday! The boys are still on their time off. Harry was seen in LA and was at Soul Cycle. No suprise there. Niall is confirmed to be in London. Zayn, Louis and Liam are MIA. Like Katie said, they were spotted on planes. Some people are saying Liam is in Florida at Disney but no one really knows. 

Rumors: None

Links: Niall today in London: 

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I'm crying. Not because I stepped on a lego or broke a bone. Not because my heart was broken by "some guy." But because up until this moment, I didn't realize how much you could love someone without them knowing it. It's sad really. You can think about them all you want and no one knows it, not them or your friends, just you. You keep it to yourself because you're ashamed of how much you love them and think about them. You think that no one will understand if you tell them. They'll tell you to stop; that it's unhealthy to think about them that much. But you still wouldn't care. You love them with all your heart...and you can't get the thought of them out of your head. No one knows why, not even you...
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You of all people should know and understand how I feel.
After all...wasn't the situation in reverse two years ago?

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